"some groove, feel, melody and a guitar a song should be"

Ali Ashraf comes from a line of some of the most stubborn and eccentric musicians who have graced this planet!  Never letting go of his music, he has been a singer and songwriter while being a law student, an ad man, a filmmaker, and a cashier at Toys r Us!


His notion of music, "A mystic divinity that flows through the instruments and manifests through spoken word, connecting one person to another through pure emotion with a personal interpretation of every song by every listener"


Now, after almost a decade of churning out music and harassing everyone around him, his debut album Paheli is out now. Written and composed by Ali and produced by Jonah Brockman, the album is a mix of progressive rock with eastern melody structure and feel. His second album KALA PEELA NEELA will be releasing in 2018.


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