Pakistan. A country of Cricketers, Controversies and Careem!

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Forever 90’s

The album:

Releasing his second album Kala Peela Neela this summer, Ali Ashraf intends to add some tunes to the ongoing Pre and Post Election Drama 2018. Written and composed by Ali and produced by Jonah Brockman, the album captures the vibe of Pakistan’s vibrant and turbulent power arenas. A rock and roll album with tenacious lyrics and pumping groove, this album is your perfect kick to the Electo-Patriotic moment!

Album Tracks

1. Ik wari hor

Lyrics: Makhzan Ali

Composer: Ali Ashraf

Powered with some fierce lyrics written by a colleague of Ali back when he was working in an ad agency in 2009. According to Ali, Makhzan Sahib, the lyricist, had a daily ritual; coming to the office, starting up his PC, gathering all the Urdu dailies, opening up a fresh pack of Gold leaf cigarettes and then devouring the news. After taking it all in, crank up InPage (Urdu writing Software) and pour his heart out with some raunchy Punjabi Poetry. Written in 2009, the song and its lyrics are forever relevant.

The video for Ik Wari Hor was released right before the elections so if you have not seen it yet, here’s the link:

2. Kaala Peela Neela

Lyrics: Ali Ashraf

Composer: Rizwan Akhtar and Ali Ashraf

Rizwan and Ali became friends in music during Ali's first trip to Karachi in 2005. A time when Karachi had gone insane due to all the snatching and mugging in its streets. He remembers how his ride from the airport to the hotel on Shahra-e-Faisal was a crash course in mug-proof self defense given by the cab driver. It was not a very pleasant trip for him as he had just bought his new iPhone and hated being there. The only thing that made it bearable was meeting Rizwan aka Rizzy, at the Production house where he was supposed to edit a commercial. Talking about music and sharing tunes made Karachi like a song that you don't like at first, but then can't get over it.

Sitting in Rizwan’s apartment room, messing around with some chord progressions and drum loops, this song is all about the crazy vibes of Karachi!

3. Khwamkha

Lyrics: Ali Ashraf

Composer: Ali Ashraf

Khwamkhwa, as the word suggests, is all about the aggravating things that surround and frustrate us. From thoughts to suggestions, eye rolls to opinions, Ali wrote Khwamkhwa after a few weeks of binge watching political talk shows, Hasan Nisar's fiery opinions and contemplating why Facebook doesn't have a "Dislike" option! For posts and pseudo social media activists. A commentary on all that is cringe-worthy in Pakistan.

4. Jeet

Lyrics: Ali Ashraf

Composer: Ali Ashraf

Cricket is very close to Ali's heart. A left arm seamer, he always wanted to be a professional cricketer. Once, he came very close to being selected for the National Cricket Academy in 2005 after playing for National Highway Authority, but his law degree came in-between. Being a cricket fan, this song is a tribute to all those who love this game and how this game plays with us. Here is the video link:

5. Zindagi

Lyrics: Ali Ashraf

Composer: Ali Ashraf

An upbeat, uplifting song about the trials and nuances of life, as it goes by. Written during one of Ali’s long commutes to Islamabad from a small town just outside it.

A perfect song for a long, lonesome drive, especially towards the Northern Areas.

6. Bharam

Lyrics: Ali Ashraf

Composition: Ali Ashraf

Guitars: Shamsher Rana

Remember the loud Rakshas of Lahore. Horribly annoying but the quickest way through Androon Lahore. This song is just like that. Loud and obnoxious but grows on you with its addictive riff and quirky lyrics and an amazing guitar solo.

Album Credits:

Cover Art Photography: Bilal Kazi Cover

Art Design: Altamash Shahban


Ali Ashraf – Singer/Songwriter

Jonah Brockman - Drums, Acoustic & Electric guitars, Keys, Electric bass

Stephen Parish - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lead guitar

Brett Mayers - Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Paxton Olney - Electric and Acoustic bass, Percussion

Shamsher Rana – Vocals Recording, Bharam guitars

Recorded & Mixed by Jonah Brockman

Asst. Engineer: Brett Mayers

Mastered by Jason Z. at Landmark Audio

Studio/Production Administration -Molly O'Dea

Powered by: Echo Records



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